Who we are

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Tradition is our strong point. In Rome, tradition is everything and is poured into every element of everyday life, first of all in food; for this reason, it is the added value of our pizzeria. Every day we try to put the Roman heritage in everything we do, in every pizza we cook, in order to pass it on to our guests ... or at least a bite of it.

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What distinguishes our pizzas, our secret ingredient, is the passion that we put in every step of their preparation. Since they are kneaded until they come out of the oven and reach your tables, the Roman pizzas we serve receive all our care and attention, because giving you an authentic dinner is our mission.



hospitality is one of the distinctive characteristics of Rome and its inhabitants. Since ancient times, this city has become accustomed to cultural exchanges that have made it particularly prone to hospitality and conviviality. The typical Roman hospitality is present in every aspect of our pizzeria, from the atmosphere to the warmth of our staff: we try to make everyone feel part of a big family.